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Use the links below to view a selection of recent news articles and press information.

01/06/05 SynaptiCAD releases support for Linux platforms.

23/05/05 X-Tek Corporation releases X-Amin for HDL evaluation without the need for testbench development.

02/04/04 SynaptiCAD joins graphical debug market with release of BugHunter.

20/05/03 SynaptiCAD DataSheet Pro adds multiple concurrent timing diagram support.

15/12/01 SynaptiCAD supports TestBuilder development.

01/12/01 SynaptiCAD releases GigaWave Viewer for viewing & analysis of multi-gigabyte VCD files.

20/08/01 X-Tek Corporation & EuroEDA complete exclusive European distribution agreement for VHDL & Verilog translation solutions.

15/03/01 SynaptiCAD releases V7.2 of TestBencher Pro and adds support for SystemC code generation.

09/02/01 Expressive Systems releases Expressive-III and appoints EuroEDA as exclusive distributor for the UK and Ireland.

05/01/01 SynaptiCAD and Agilent Technologies combine to reduce hardware & software verification times.

23/09/00 Accolade Design Automation adds comprehensive FPGA synthesis & releases PeakFPGA.

24/07/00 EuroEDA introduces VHDL Studio from Green Mountain Computing Systems to the UK, Ireland & Scandinavia.

22/05/00 SynaptiCAD & Tektronix add support for full line of logic analyzer and pattern generation test equipment.

29/02/00 Visual Software Solutions releases HDL Bencher for automatic VHDL & Verilog test bench generation.

09/02/00 Concept Engineering appoints EuroEDA as UK distributor for the GateVision range of design visualization tools.

01/01/00 Mabex-Multimedia appoints EuroEDA to market a new range of advanced HDL training products in Europe.

03/12/99 SynaptiCAD's WaveFormer Pro adds support for analog signals & automatic waveform comparison.

25/10/99 SynaptiCAD extends distribution agreement with EuroEDA into Ireland & Scandinavia.

07/06/99 Computer Integrated Network Analysis (CINA) appoints EuroEDA as exclusive UK distributor for the SmartViewer schematic generator & post-synthesis design verification tool.

02/06/99 SynaptiCAD releases OLE-enabled DataSheet Pro and targets documentation professionals.

01/06/99 SynaptiCAD appoints EuroEDA as UK distributor for full line of timing diagram analysis and HDL test bench development products.

16/02/99 Visual Software Solutions appoints EuroEDA to distribute their StateCAD & StateBench tools in Europe.

03/02/99 Accolade Design Automation appoints EuroEDA to distribute their Peak range of VHDL development tools in Europe.


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